Langley & McDonald
Langley & McDonald

Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Eastern Shore Seawater Lab

Wachapreague, Virginia

Client: Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Completed: Construction Completed in 2012

The Eastern Shore Seawater Lab is located on Finney's Creek, a tributary to the Atlantic Ocean. The existing building was subject to frequent flooding. The new lab building and site utilities are designed to be flood proof to 2' above the 100 year flood elevation. Langley & McDonald conducted a Wave Study to determine the impact of the 100 year waves on the facility.

Langley and McDonald prepared schematic and final site plans for the project. The project includes siting the new laboratory and the seawater pump station. Site work includes pervious gravel parking lot designed to meet stormwater management requirements for the site. The existing water well is upgraded to meet the water flow requirements for this facility and for other existing VIMS buildings. Virginia Department of Health permits are obtained for the well upgrade and for the new sewage disposal system consisting of septic tank, pump station, and drainfield. Other site improvements include concrete handicap parking, sidewalks, fire truck access, and seawater drainage piping.

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