Langley & McDonald

U.S. Coast Guard

Elizabeth City, North Carolina

The United States Coast Guard selected a design/build team with Langley and McDonald as the lead engineering firm to stabilize 3,200 lineal feet of the Pasquotank River at the Elizabeth City Station. The project included topographic and hydrographic surveys, regulatory permits and design plans/specifications for new riprap and existing riprap rehabilitation. The USCG selected the team with Langley & McDonald because of the successful implementation of a similar project 20 years earlier. This project basically completed the USCG shoreline and included:

  1. Repair pockets of riprap revetment damage caused by Hurricane Isabel
  2. Stabilize 3,200' of eroding shoreline with new riprap revetments;
  3. Demolish 2 seaplane ramps;
  4. Rehabilitate existing boat ramp and pier;
  5. Add return walls to each end of an existing concrete bulkhead.

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