Langley & McDonald

Crescent Square

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Client: Virginia Supportive Housing
Richmond, Virginia

Completed: Construction Started 2013

Virginia Supportive Housing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides housing opportunities for homeless single adults. Crescent Square is a single-room occupancy facility for primary residency and not as transient or overnight housing. This site on Diamond Springs Road was selected for availability of public transit and local employment in the light industrial area.

Langley & McDonald
Rendering courtesy of Via Design.

The project consists of two four-story buildings containing 81 units. The two buildings are connected by a narrow enclosed hallway. Parking is located behind the building with a spacious drop-off area adjacent to the buildings. The entire drive aisle is paved with a pervious paver system. The majority of the area behind the 2 buildings includes a community terrace, a fenced grass yard, a defined paved area of raised planter beds for use of the residents, and storage shed. The planter beds are connected to the terrace by a garden gateway covered with a trellis structure.

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