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Special Service District (SSD) Neighborhood Dredging

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Client: City of Virginia Beach

Completed: Started in 2011

The City of Virginia Beach is implementing a new strategy to assist communities in re-establishing navigational channels. The proposal includes establishment of Special Service Districts where waterfront property owners within the community agree to a surcharge on their real estate taxes for the expressed purpose of constructing navigation channels.

The City cost-participates by dredging a 'spur' channel from the main City navigation channel to the neighborhood. SSD revenues cover the cost of continuing that channel as a 'SSD channel' into the community to serve all participating properties. Individual channels (driveways), linking private properties to the SSD channel are funded entirely by those property owners wishing to connect to the system. The City provides project management, including design, permitting, real estate acquisition, construction and monitoring. The costs of these project management services for the neighborhood channel system are paid by the SSD, and by individual property owners who elect to participate by creating driveways to their properties. If the community indicates a willingness equal or exceeding 80%, staff prepares an ordinance for Council’s consideration which enacts the SSD.

Langley & McDonald is under an Annual Services Contract to provide planning, surveys, community involvement, permits, design documents and construction phase services for each neighborhood SSD project.

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